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Two New Add-ons

After many requests, we’ve added two new add-ons to the Toolbox!

Pick Your Price (Donations)

Account Changed Notifier

Pick Your Price (Donations)

This add-on will let you easily choose one or more MemberPress memberships that can have a dynamic price, input by the joining member.

For example, let’s say you want to allow member’s to pay what they want, or to choose their own price when registering for your Membership. You can do this easily with the new add-on.

It works for both recurring and non-recurring memberships, and you can choose a minimum and maximum range as well.

You can purchase it individually here, or if you’re interested in a few of the great add-ons, you can save more by buying the bundle.

Account Changed Notifier

This add-on let’s you email yourself or someone else anytime a member changes their profile data.

You can select which field(s) must change to trigger the notification.

The notification email is fully configurable too! And will send you a link to view the member’s profile in your dashboard as well.

You can purchase it individually here, or check out the bundle.

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