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18 Best PHP Extensions for WordPress and many Plugins

I’ve gotten a few questions about what PHP extensions to have enabled for WordPress sites, and more specifically for WordPress + MemberPress.

MemberPress doesn’t necessarily need anything specific that WordPress itself doesn’t already make use of.

But here’s what I’ve found works best for me with my WordPress, MemberPress, WooCommerce etc.

Currently I run PHP 7.2 FPM via nginx on most sites. The PHP extensions enabled on all of them are:

  • mysqlnd
  • curl
  • ctype
  • fileinfo
  • iconv
  • mbstring
  • xmlreader
  • opcache (not really required but makes PHP faster)
  • dom
  • ftp
  • imagick
  • mysqli
  • zip
  • xml
  • exif
  • gd
  • json
  • tokenizer

Did I miss something you’ve found you can’t live without on your WordPress site, if so let me know in the comments.

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What Gives? How do I Give Members Access on my Site?

One of the more common questions I get about how MemberPress works is, “What gives members on my site access?” or “How do I give members access on my site?”.

Many other membership plugins base access off of some kind of WordPress User Role, or some metadata stored about the member etc. But with MemberPress, that’s not the case, so it can be a bit of a learning curve if you’re coming from something else like WooSubscriptions, or S2 Member etc.

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