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18 Best PHP Extensions for WordPress and many Plugins

I’ve gotten a few questions about what PHP extensions to have enabled for WordPress sites, and more specifically for WordPress + MemberPress.

MemberPress doesn’t necessarily need anything specific that WordPress itself doesn’t already make use of.

But here’s what I’ve found works best for me with my WordPress, MemberPress, WooCommerce etc.

Currently I run PHP 7.2 FPM via nginx on most sites. The PHP extensions enabled on all of them are:

  • mysqlnd
  • curl
  • ctype
  • fileinfo
  • iconv
  • mbstring
  • xmlreader
  • opcache (not really required but makes PHP faster)
  • dom
  • ftp
  • imagick
  • mysqli
  • zip
  • xml
  • exif
  • gd
  • json
  • tokenizer

Did I miss something you’ve found you can’t live without on your WordPress site, if so let me know in the comments.

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Google’s Invisible Recaptcha with MemberPress Plugin

NOTE: These instructions are no longer valid. Please use MemberPress’ built-in reCaptcha integration instead.

MemberPress has a great Match Captcha add-on included for free which works great for helping to prevent SPAM signups through MemberPress.

But what if you want something that works with more forms/plugins than just MemberPress?

There’s a great, free plugin called Invisible reCaptcha for WordPress that works with many popular plugins out of the box, and is not too hard to integrate with others.

In this post I’ll show you how to get it working with MemberPress.

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Pre-fill Your Membership Contact Form

I’ve been in the world of WordPress for quite some time now. Early on, I began using Contact Form 7 and never really parted ways with it. I’m sure it’s not the best contact form plugin any more, but I’m comfortable with it, and like “a man’s best friend”, it has never let me down.

I set it up on this site’s contact page, and I decided it might be nice to have the name and email address pre-filled in the form fields if the user was already logged in.

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How to Create a Free Course With MemberPress

NOTE: This still works, however MemberPress has since released a free Courses add-on that works much better 😀

MemberPress is an awesome WordPress Membership plugin that lets you protect any content on your site quickly and easily.

Recently I was looking to help a buddy find a way to create a super simple course on his site and charge users a monthly fee to access it.

He was using MemberPress to already offer a free membership with access a handful of resources on his site, and he wanted to leverage MemberPress to offer the paid access for this new course as well.

He had very little (I mean basically nothing) budget to work with, so he asked me if I knew of a way to offer a paid course through MemberPress for free. I know LearnDash and WP Courseware integrate with MemberPress, and both work really well and have more than enough features to get the job done beautifully. But they weren’t reasonable for his tiny budget.

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