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How to use the account changed notifier tool

Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing the MemberPress Account Changed Notifier add-on.

Be sure to follow the installation procedures if you have not yet done so.

You will see a new section in your Dashboard menu called MeprToolbox like so:

Click on the menu item to manage the notification settings.

Getting Started

On the Page you’ll see something like this:

Here you’ll add a comma-separated list of email addresses that should receive the notification email when a member updates their profile data. We don’t recommend sending to more than 3 or 4 emails as sending to more might cause the member’s account page to time-out when saving.

Further down you’ll see the fields:

Check the box next to the field(s) you wish to be notified about if the member changes them. If the member does not change one of the checked fields, then you will not be notified.

And finally below this you’ll see the notification email settings:

These are the default settings. If you wish to modify the Subject or Message further, you certainly can.

You can use the following parameters in the Subject and Message text:

  • {$username} – The member’s username
  • {$user_email} – The member’s updated email address
  • {$user_first_name} – The member’s updated first name
  • {$user_last_name} – The member’s updated last name
  • {$user_profile_link} – A link to edit the User’s WordPress Profile in your Dashboard
  • {$usermeta:slug} – The member’s updated value for any custom field from MemberPress > Settings > Fields tab. Replace slug with the slug of the custom field. For example if you had a field called Company and it’s slug was mepr_company then you would use {$usermeta:mepr_company} as the parameter for it.

That’s It! Now you’ll be notified anytime a member updates one or more fields from their MemberPress Account page.