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How to use Limit Signups add-on

Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing the Limit Membership Signups add-on.

Be sure to follow the installation procedures if you have not yet done so.

You will see a new section in your Dashboard menu called MeprToolbox like so:

Click on the menu item to manage your membership signup restrictions.

Limiting Signups

Each Membership on your site will be listed out on the page.

Find the Membership (or Memberships) you wish to limit registrations on, and set the number you’d like registrations to be capped at.

Scroll to the bottom and Save Limits.

Adjusting Message

When a user is restricted from joining because the registration limit has been reached. They will see a message at the top of the form like so.

You can edit that message by clicking on the “Edit Message” link under the limit.

Enter in your new message. Scroll to the bottom and Save Limits. Your members will now see that message when attempting to register after the limit has been reached.

If you have any questions, please contact me anytime, thanks!