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How to use manual member approval


Because of limitations in MemberPress it is not possible to prevent payment from processing until the member is approved. Therefore if your membership is paid, you may need to refund the member if you reject them.

A possible workaround is to require approval on a Free membership, then send them a link to signup for the paid membership in the approval email.

This add-on also requires MemberPress version 1.7.3+ to operate correctly.

Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing the Manual Member Approval add-on.

Be sure to follow the installation procedures if you have not yet done so.

You will see a new section in your Dashboard menu called MeprToolbox like so:

Click on the menu item to manage your settings for the Manual Member Approval add-on.

Settings Overview

Require approval even if member is already logged in?

When this option is enabled, and a logged in member purchases a Membership that requires manual approval, then their account will be locked out until you approve them.

I don’t recommend enabling this setting, unless you have some specific need to lock existing members out if they signup for a membership that requires approval.

Select Memberships Requiring Manual Approval

This will display a list of all Memberships on your MemberPress site.

Select the Membership(s) you want to require manual approval for by clicking on the one’s you need. Use CTRL + Click (COMMAND + Click on Mac) to select more than one.

Anytime a member signs up for the selected Membership(s), their account will be held for approval.

Email Sent to Member When Held for Approval:

This is the email sent to the Member when their account is held for approval. An email is also sent to the admin email addresses in the MemberPress Admin Emails settings notifying them of the pending approval signup. This admin email is not configurable currently.

Email Sent to Member When Approved:

This is the email sent to the Member when their account is approved.

Email Sent to Member When Rejected:

This is the email sent to the Member when their account is rejected.

Managing Members Approval Status

Members who existed before you installed this add-on will be considered “Approved”

Navigate to your MemberPress -> Members page in your dashboard.

You’ll see a new column for managing your members:

A breakdown of each option is below.

Approve – Approve Member and send the Approval Email.

Approve Silently – Approve Member but do NOT send the Approval Email.

Reject – Reject the Member and send the Rejected Email.

Reject Silently – Reject the Member but do NOT send the Rejected Email.

What does the Member see?

After signing up, the Member is allowed to see the Thank You page, but they are logged out of the site. If they try to navigate to another page on the site while still logged in, they’ll see the message below:

When they click Return to site they will be logged out and taken to the home page of your site.

If you have any questions, please contact me anytime, thanks!