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How to override subscription cancel url’s

Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing the Subscription Cancel Override add-on.

Be sure to follow the installation procedures if you have not yet done so.

You will see a new section in your Dashboard menu called MeprToolbox like so:

Click on the menu item to manage your subscription cancel URL’s.

Configuring the Settings

At the top you’ll see a Cancel Anyway Shortcode Message field. This is the title of the link the member will use to actually cancel their subscription. It shows up in place of the [mepr_cancel_anyway] shortcode you’ll place on your custom page.

After that, you’ll see each of your Membership levels listed with a URL field below it. Enter the URL(s) to your custom cancellation page(s). Each Membership can have it’s own.

Note: This only works on automatically recurring memberships, as one-time (non-recurring) memberships cannot be cancelled.

When the member is on their “Subscriptions” tab on their Account page – this Cancel link will point to your custom page URL.

Design Your Custom Page

I recommend creating a new Page in your WordPress dashboard. You can call it whatever you want. I will call this one Before you go!

You’ll notice the page has some content to try and win them back. If they still want to cancel I provide a way for them to do so.

I’m using Contact Form 7 plugin to show a form (not required) so the member can provide me with feedback before they cancel.

Here are some screenshots of my Contact Form 7 configuration:

Contact Form 7 Layout. Notice the defaults in the name and email fields.
Contact Form 7 Mail Settings
Message to scroll down to complete cancellation

So what does it all look like on the front?

That’s it! Now you can try to win back your members, or at the very least collect some feedback from them before they go.

If you have any questions, please contact me anytime, thanks!