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Quickly add extra tabs to your MemberPress Account page navigation menu. This is great for adding things like a “Contact” link, or a link to a member directory page, or anything else you can imagine.



With this tool, you can easily add additional navigational menu items to your MemberPress Account Page.

  • Add tabs with your own custom content
  • Add tabs that redirect to other pages or sites

Sample tabs might look like the below image:

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2 reviews for Account Navigation Tabs

  1. Patricia Jones

    This was a must-have feature for our online yoga course. We needed to add additional links to our account page menus. It works flawlessly so far, and really easy to setup and use. You can point the links to different pages, or show content right on the account page too.

  2. Ron Backus

    I’m so glad I found this plugin! I needed to add a tab to the account page on my site where my users could fill out an application form.
    MemberPress Support tried to be helpful, but their solution required some PHP coding that was like reading a foreign language to me. I purchased this when I found it listed in the 3rd party integrations page in the MemberPress docs and had my new account page tab set up in a couple of minutes. Happy customer!

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